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  • Where can I purchase your produce?
    1. You can order online for local pickup. 2. You can visit us at the Columbus Farmer's Market every Saturday May through September 9a-12.30p. 3. You can visit Tina's Tea House or Upland to experience our produce in their menus.
  • Where do you deliver?
    CSA Shares and custom orders are brought to the below pick up sites at the times listed. Future sites may be added. Shelbyville: Thursday morning 9-11am Shelby County Athletic Club 40 W Rampart Dr Shelbyville, IN 46176 Columbus: Saturday morning 9pm-12.30pm Columbus Farmer's Market 600 Brown St. Columbus, IN 47201 First row on the parking garage side, half way down, two stalls down from the crepe stand.
  • Is all your produce organic?
    Yes! I grow only using organic seed, organic growing medium, and fertilizers, and we never, ever use any herbicides or pesticides on the property. Our property is also surrounded by forest and pine tree barriers to prevent toxic drift from neighboring farms.
  • I want to sign up for a CSA membership, but will be gone for a couple weeks during the summer..."
    If you are going to be gone for more than 2 weeks, please email Lorraine at and get a custom quote for your CSA share, this way you aren't paying for a service that you aren't using. If you are going to be gone 2 weeks or less, please find a friend or family member to take and use your share while you are away. Hopefully they will enjoy the experience and will consider being a member too!
  • What size CSA box should I order?
    Summer/Small The summer and small share are the same size just different time lengths. The size is great for one to two people on a regular healthy diet. Medium If you are a vegetarian or vegan I would recommend that you pick a larger size. For one to two vegetarians I suggest a medium. If you are a family of 2-4 the medium should be sufficient, unless you eat a lot of vegetarian dishes. Large For a household of two hard core vegans, I recommend the large! If you are a family of 4+, I recommend the large. Size updates! This year's medium is last year's large, so if you had a large share last year and it was just right, get the medium. If you had a large share last year and it wasn't enough, get the large share this year (which is larger!)
  • Can I choose what comes in my CSA box?
    If you are alergic or extremely averse to an herb or vegetable I will exclude this item from your box and suppliment it with other items. This may cause duplicates in your share. Otherwise, no, the shares are not customizable. If you wish to only receive certain items I suggest doing a custom order instead.
  • What should I do with my empty bag after delivery?
    You can bring it back next week and I can keep using the same bag for your produce, or you can recycle them around your home.
  • Do you deliver or sell items other than produce?
    Occaisionally! Sometimes I have jam or home made bread to sell and in the future we are planning on expanding into eggs, chicken meat, and honey.
  • We deliver to certain areas on certain days to minimize the environmental impact and optimize our routes so that your fresh produce arrives at its best, without adding a shipping cost to your order.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    For online transactions we accept credit/debit cards and paypal. For in person transactions we accept credit/debit cards, paypal, cash, or check.
  • I would like to purchase produce from you in bulk for my restaurant/cooking classes, etc., can I get a commercial price list?"
    Yes! Please email all inquiries to
  • Can I purchase produce in bulk for canning if I'm not a restaurant?
    Yes! Please email me at with: -what you would like -how much -when you are hoping to can your goods and I will get you a quote!
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