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At Good Seed Garden we do our best to grow the highest quality food with the cleanest practices. Just like Great Grandma and Grandpa, but with cooler tools.

We do not use any herbicides or pesticides- ever. We practice small scale crop rotation and create our own compost so that we can continue to provide a healthy ecosystem and habitat for the wildlife while we farm. In total we farm 1/4 acre.


How did I get to be Farmer Lorraine? Well, it seems to be the norm anymore that whatever you went to college to do you end up doing something completely different and the same goes for me. I went to the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH for Interior Design. I really like planning things out, making them orderly, functional, and pretty. However, by my senior year I was obsessed with health and wellness. I graduated and then the market tanked.

While working many jobs through the years, I participated in a community garden, started a couple small businesses that didn’t go anywhere for various reasons, and continued to learn all I could about health, wellness, self sufficiency, and homesteading.
I got married, moved to Indiana and started working at a local retail store where I honed skills in time management, leadership, and merchandising. I continued reading and discovered market gardening- high density planting on small acreage! The store allowed me to do the farmers market while I worked full time in 2017. I left in 2018 to work part time at my local gym and farm full time, in 2019 I left the gym to work 100% full time on the farm!

+ THE YEAR AHEAD: 2024 +


In 2021 I told you about my miscarriage and my need to go to part time at the farmers market. I did this 2021 and 2022 and it worked well (mostly) and reducing the garden definitely helped. However, as I wasn't able to retain help throughout the growing year a lot of pressure came back and my plans to work with a local kitchen failed last year. 

This year is a year of change for us- I will no longer be doing any farmers markets but will be homesteading full time. This means that unless contracted to grow in bulk by you, I will not be selling anything except surplus veg and my homemade goods (tea, jam, salve) at the farm or on the outlets below. If you want a bulk amount of garlic or onions for example but don't have the time to grow them, I can grow them for you.

We are available at:

  • Market on online farmer's market that serves central Indiana and Bloomington,

  • Hoosier Harvest Market- another online farmer's market that serves central and southeast Indiana. 

  • Etsy

  • 5732 E 500 S., Waldron, IN 46182

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